Sevil Alieva Art
About the Artist.
Sevil Alieva is an artist working more than 6 years with RESIN. She is creating artworks with acrylic, oils, resin and mirrors.
Sevil is constantly exhibiting in Belgium. Every year she is sharing her knowledge with more than 40 students in Europe.

are given
in Dutch, in English, in French, in Russian

'Acrylic painting'
'Resin coasters'
Workshops in groups for friends or collegues to create personal artworks.
Art for business people
We also collaborate with companies to organize Teambuilding workshops.
Individual workshops
We always try to choose the best solutions for every occasion. With attention to details.
We will help you to choose the best solution.
Our Advantages
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier.
At the workshop we can create:

Resin paintings
Acrylic paintings
Cheese boards

Even if you are a beginner or it is your first time you will have fantastic results.

The artist will guide you step by step to get the perfect result. All our participants are happy.

Workshop is a perfect time passing activity not only to create a beautiful piece of art by your own hands.

It is also a fantastic way to relax and let your creativity go, to get a lot of joy, relaxation and new positive energy.

It can be individual.

It can be for a group of your colleagues or friends.

For any occasion:
teambuilding solutions, raising creativity,
a lesson for professional artists,
relaxing creative evenings, Birthday parties, parties for children.

We can organize a workshop in your town with snacks and drinks. We are open to different formats.

Choose your option
You can choose the shape of the painting. Round or rectangular shape. Colors and effects on your taste and style.
Framing is not included. All the details are disscussed with the client to offer you the best sollution.

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How is the Workshop Organized?
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • 1
    1-2 day
    The workshop lasts 1-2 day. We create the work of art. The second day we have to do the finishing touches, mostly professional and a bit hard work.

    That is why I always let the participants enjoy and play with colors the 1st day.

    And never ask the participants come the second day, and I do all the difficult finishing work myself.

  • 2
    You have an opportunity to choose the most convenient date and time.There is no fixed date or time for a workshop.

    The workshop lasts 2-3 hours.
  • 3
    All the materials are provided by the artist. You do not have to bring anything with you. Tea, still water and cookies will be offered to the participants.

    If you would like some extra snacks, champane or drinks we can arrange it for you for extra cost. Or participants can arrange it yourself.
  • 4
    We can come to your place, town or country in EU. There is no fixed place for a workshop.

    Or we can find some place to hold a workshop, but with extra renting cost, which will be added to the privce of the workhop.

  • 5
    Price is from € 100 up to € 250 per person. Depending on the number of people and other details.
  • 6
    Art piece
    You may take the art piece that you have created yourself home with you.
Artworks of the participants.
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