Resin epoxy on board
Aug 2022, Belgium

€ 950
The speed of our life is so fast. We are in a hurry all the time for material values. We rush from day to day.

And we don't give ourselves opportunity to observe the real treasures of our life, the beauty of nature, warm hearts of our family and friends, a butterfly sitting on your shoulder, fantastic gifts of this universe. And every day we keep asking god to give us happiness, but it is still not approaching… Why? Maybe because our eyes are closed? And even when all the treasures are in front of our eyes, we don't see them. So, to be awake is the biggest treasure of this reality and the biggest pain… You feel so lonely in a world full of wonders, and there is nobody to share it with you…
You can see the painting presented in the Pino Restaurant, Overijse, Belgium

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